Saturday, 30 July 2011

This is a pretty old article of mine but I think it's still relevent with the new Halo: Anniversery game coming out, people should play this as it's a prequel.

When I heard Halo Reach was going to be a prequel I was surprised to say the least.
I’m a massive fan of the Halo games and I didn’t think Bungie could improve on Halo 3,  I was wrong.
Halo Reach was created from scratch so it is quite different to Halo 3. If you’re a fan of Master Chief you’ll be sad to hear that you don’t play as him but in fact you play as an equally cool Spartan, “Noble 6” that is part of the noble team set out to destroy the covenant and save planet Reach.
I really enjoyed the campaign, the game play seems fresh and with the new armour abilities and guns it gives you a whole new Experience compared to Halo 3.
You will also get a chance to fly in space… i know, I was shocked too. You get a chance to fly a “Sabre” which has two kinds of cannons, the one you have to lock onto the banshees/phantoms and then shoot and the other is more of an automatic hold the trigger and spray kind of cannon, the vehicle is surprisingly easy to use. I found that mission as fun as the very last mission on halo 3, it’s one that you could just redo all the time and never get bored.
I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff being said about the multiplayer, most of which is from Call of Duty fan boys saying “ It’s exactly the same as halo 3 but with different maps”.. All I’ve got to say to that is you do not deserve an opinion anymore.
Halo Reach has seen so many changes since Halo 3, there are new armour abilities that after you’ve played with them for a while you can’t even imagine playing halo without them. My main worry is the decision to replace the BR with a DMR. The battle rifle took four burst fire shots to kill and enemy where the DMR is a single shot rifle that takes five shots to kill the enemy, I always seem to be able to put them on a one shot, it’s just the last shot that troubles me, I suppose it’s just a matter of getting used to it.
Another big difference is the new assassination animation. You can do this by holding RB when behind an enemy and the game will play one of many assassination animations.

I think the fact that Bungie decided to bring out the Limited edition and legendary edition version of the games will really attract more gamers as the price is really cheap for what you get.
The Halo Reach limited addition contains an authentic looking journal by Dr.Halsey. I have the journal and I’ve read through it and believe if you’re a halo fan it’s worth buying. The legendary edition contains the journal and a 10” figurine of the whole noble team.
As well as limited edition and legendary edition of the games Bungie also released a Limited edition Halo Reach console which contains a Halo Reach designed Xbox 360 slim 250GB, two Halo Reach designed controllers and the limited edition game.
The console itself has Halo Reach noises when you press the power button and the disk tray button. Being a huge halo fan I bought this because for the price it’s a must.
Time for the things that annoy me about the game.. Armour abilities do get annoying during multiplayer, Armour lock being the worst.
If a player is on a one shot they will be invulnerable for a small period of time once they come out of armour lock. This gets annoying if you melee them when they’re in armour lock your shields will be knocked down then they could come out of armour lock, if you both melee each other they can survive and you will not, so make sure you’re behind then when they’re in armour lock but stand back far enough so that it doesn’t drain your shield when they pop out.
As I just mentioned another thing that’s becoming increasingly annoying is the new shield/health system. In halo 3 if you were to shoot someone three times and then melee them you would kill them. In halo Reach if you were to shoot someone three times and you melee each other you will both be on a one shot, this I do not feel is fair.
All in all I think Bungie have managed to make and amazing game yet again. And they have taken care of their fans by offering limited edition items at a reasonably cheap price compared to other games limited edition items *cough* Black ops *cough*.