Sunday, 14 August 2011

Newton Faulkner gig!

So as I promised I'm going to put some photos up of Newton Faulkner at the gig. Well I'm pretty much going to upload photos from the day. Some of the videos are good enough quality to upload so I'll do that later/tomorrow. Just watching the videos back gives me the chills, soo amazing.

So these are ofc my tickets to see God. They worked as I got to see God.
A poster advertising Newton Faulkner's gig on the theatre wall. The theatre wall of the theatre that we couldn't find..
This is my nickname written in ketchup..
The stage set-up..
Just showing how close I was to the stage.




Straight after the gig I made this the wallpaper on my phone and when i got to meet Newton (AAAAAAAH).. I showed him and he was all oh wow, that's a pretty awesome photo. So yeah Newton's seen my phone.. AH YEAH. But now my wallpaper is a picture of me and him. And it's never going to change.